Dylann Roof trial: 'I did it,' chuckling church gunman says

CORRECTS BYLINE TO BEN EARP FROM CHUCK BURTON- Charleston S.C. shooting suspect Dylann Storm Roof second from left is escorted from the Shelby Police Department in Shelby N.C. Thursday

Dylann Roof trial: 'I did it,' chuckling church gunman says

Dylann Roof hesitated for about 20 seconds when an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent asked him what he was doing on the night nine black church members were killed during Bible study, and then admitted: "I did it". He paused for another 30 seconds or so, and then said: "I killed them". "It sounds lame, you know, you don't really Iike to say it, but it was pretty much just the Internet", he said.

"Yes", Roof replied matter-of-factly, with another laugh.

"There wasn't even that many people in there", Roof said incredulously. "I'm really not sure".

In the video, Roof says he chose the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in part because it's the oldest black church in the South.

In the interview, filmed about 17 hours after the shooting, the accused told the Federal Bureau of Investigation he had considered attacking drug dealers but thought they might fire back.

What about after the shootings? "I didn't say anything to them ... not even one word". Two adults and a child at the Bible study survived.

He had seven magazines with him, he told investigators.

"I had to do it because somebody had to do it", Roof said in the taped confession. "I could have walked out". "We already are the second-class citizens" Roof said, referring to white people. He had saved one of the eight magazines he'd bought at Walmart, expecting to kill himself if confronted by police officers. The sun hits the camera lens, washing out the young man's face. Later, his defense attorneys said she'd had a heart attack.

Roof's mother suffered a heart attack while watching opening statements Wednesday. A survivor has told the court he was given a Bible and a study guide to follow along with the prayer group.

He couldn't recall how many people he killed, giving an incorrect number.

"Blacks are raping and killing white people on the streets every day".

Prosecutors have said Roof planned the killings for months, and had been writing white about racist views on a website since early in 2015.

After he was captured, authorities learned Roof had written a "manifesto" of his racist beliefs and posed for photos with the USA flag burning in one hand and the Confederate flag in the other, Richardson said.

He intentionally carried with him 88 bullets, he boasted, explaining that "H" is the eighth letter of the alphabet, and that 88, or "HH", represents "Heil Hitler". "I'm sorry for what I did".

It's a comment that was contradicted during his confession, when he said that a race war would be "terrible".

The practical reason for the trial, Bruck said, is that the government has asked for the death penalty.

Bruck reminded the jury of Roof's youth and urged them to try to understand him.

Roof told police he used a Glock.45 caliber handgun to commit the crimes.

The agent asked how he felt.

Bruck ended by saying he probably would not call any witnesses.

During the trial, Roof has remained stiff and impassive, staring down at the wooden defense table.

Despite the powerful scenes surrounding him, including the display of graphic photos and video evidence, Fox News notes that the accused 22-year-old shooter himself "has displayed no emotion".

By this point in her testimony, Sanders was openly sobbing.

Sanders told jurors about the horror of seeing her son and her aunt shot to death and sheltering with her granddaughter beneath a table.

Richardson showed pictures of all nine victims as Sanders spoke.

Roof's defence lawyers have long acknowledged his guilt in the killings at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Justice Department rejected an offer for him to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of life in prison but Friday marked the first time that jurors were able to hear Roof elaborate on the massacre and his motives. "Most of the time he hang his head down, just the way he is right now".

He then headed for Charlotte, with the ultimate plan to go to Tennessee.

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