Right to the end, Trump campaign spent less than Clinton's

By allowing smaller states to have a voice, most of the country did pick the next president.

"The election is over", the Republican former presidential candidate added. So in addition to the Texas elector, 36 other Republicans would have to decide not to vote for him December 19. "Given his own public statements, it isn't clear how the Electoral College can ignore these issues, and so it should reject him".

Suprun goes on to cite the typical reasons given by faithless electors this year: Trump's business entanglements ranging from the Middle East to Taiwan, his controversial tweets, his divisiveness, as well as the many experts across party lines and affiliations who have denounced Trump as unsafe and incompetent.

Meanwhile, to those who insist that the Electoral College be scrapped as a harmful anachronism and that we elect presidents via popular vote, you can't fairly change a game's rules after the game - in this case, the 2016 presidential election - is played.

Now we have recounts, lawsuits and more but the process, has pretty much been intact. If we decide the Electoral College is still relevant then its structure needs to be updated to reflected a modern world and it starts with each state addressing and fixing loopholes in the process. "His track record shows that he is a man of coveting and self-serving - a liar and a cheat should not hold that position". Black voters can no longer be counted on to automatically vote Democratic.

"While imperfect, the Electoral College has generally served the republic well". What's interesting, of course, is that there were seeming majorities in both parties that seemed to favor reforming the way we elect Presidents to eliminate the Electoral College, and that support for such an idea goes back at least to 2001 and the wake of the 2000 election, but that nothing got done in this regard.

Last month, for the fifth time in American and the second time in sixteen years, the candidate with the most popular votes lost the election due to the Electoral College, As things stand now, Hillary Clinton appears to some 2.5 million votes ahead of Donald Trump in the popular vote, and that margin may grow a bit more as the final numbers come in.

Critics have also pointed out that America's system of electors is not only opaque, but formally codifies the notion that voting is meaningless. She'd earlier given $6 million to Rebuilding America Now. Now that faithless electors wish to upend a byzantine system that America already had a tenuous relationship with, perhaps December 19 will mark when such sentiments finally brim. In some cases, they cite the popular vote difference.

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