Russian nurse died in rebel shelling of Aleppo

Russian Federation has vetoed United Nations resolutions in Syria six times.

It would mark their biggest defeat since 2011, when a government crackdown against dissent sparked a civil war.

Suleiman said the Syrian army has regained control of 45-to-50 percent of east Aleppo, and accused insurgents of hiding among civilians.

The resolution comes as regime forces continue incursions into the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, and seize control of the main road to the Aleppo airport.

Two of Aleppo's leading rebel groups have ruled out the withdraw plan and said they would fight to defend Syrians living in the district. The cease-fire would allow rebels and civilians to leave Aleppo unharmed.

Russian Federation said it will hold talks with Washington on a total rebel withdrawal from Syria's Aleppo, where the army has made sweeping advances, but opposition factions rejected any pullout.

Also, the Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that it was the Aleppo terrorists and their patrons in the USA, Great Britain and France who was holding responsibility for the nurse's death.

A draft resolution put forward by Spain, New Zealand and Egypt proposed a weeklong ceasefire that could be extended by further seven-day periods.

Syrian warplanes, artillery and mortar rounds pounded areas in eastern Aleppo on Saturday drawing rebel rockets, as government troops gain new ground in the shrinking opposition-held enclave.

"The expectation is weeks", the military source said, referring to the timeframe for taking back the whole city.

"We have buried our dead in our gardens for a while", said Zakaria Amino, the deputy head of the eastern Aleppo Local Council. The reason was to mitigate the risk of a shift in US policy on Syria, though Trump has indicated he could end USA support for the rebels. Over the past two weeks, government forces launched an offensive in which they regained control of almost half areas that had been held by insurgents in their deepest push since the city became contested in July 2012. The violence has caused more than 25,000 civilians to flee.

Russian Federation says it has halted air strikes on rebel-held eastern Aleppo since Oct 18 following global condemnation over its ferocious bombardment of the city.

Food and fuel supplies are critically low in eastern Aleppo, where hospitals have been repeatedly bombed out of operation.

The talks, to begin in Geneva on Tuesday or Wednesday, should establish evacuation routes, Lavrov said in comments carried by Interfax. Abu Abdelrahman Nour will be replaced as head of the "Aleppo army" he was appointed to lead last week.

French permanent representative to the UN, Francois Delattre said in the absence of any consensus on a political resolution, Syria will remain "divided, beset by constant fighting, a bastion of terrorism". The Syrian army and its allies captured parts of the district, it said.

Tens of thousands of East Aleppo residents have fled to other parts of the city from the fighting, which has raised widespread worldwide concern.

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