Tidal Flounders While Apple Music Reaches a New Subscriber Milestone

Tidal Flounders While Apple Music Reaches a New Subscriber Milestone

Tidal Flounders While Apple Music Reaches a New Subscriber Milestone

Almost 17 months after the service was launched in June 2015, Apple Music has exceeded the 20 million paid subscribers figure.

To put things into perspective, rival Spotify has added around 12 million paying subscribers in 2016, growing from 28 million to 40 million this year.

Apple Music has revealed that its number of paid subscribers has passed 20 million for the first time. Apple Music saw a major revamp alongside iOS 10 this fall.

Cue also said that more than 50% of Apple Music's subscriber base is outside of the US. At the beginning of this year, the platform hit 10 million subscribers, and has now, less than a year and a half into its existence, reached the 20 million milestone. "There's a lot of growth opportunity", Cue said. In an interview with BuzzFeed News in September, Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine suggested streaming wasn't a zero sum business, and that he could accept sharing individual customers with Spotify - the same way some of Netflix's customers are also customers of Hulu or Amazon.

The rise of Apple Music is impressive.

"It's been quite a year", Cue says.

One thing Apple has been criticised for in the previous year is its reliance of album exclusives to try to motivate users to sign up. Unlike video services that aren't necessarily mutually exclusive due to little overlap in content, music services are very much mutually exclusive since the catalogs are extremely similar, if not identical. It last reported 17M subscribers in September, marking a 15% jump in three months.

Apple, however, has a leg up on Spotify and other streaming services when tea comes to the potential of adding new users. "We were thrilled to see that we could take [artists'] passions and drive them all the way to No. 1". Cue said the company is determined to give the hip hop genre a greater spotlight, thinking that hip hop was underrepresented both on iTunes and on streaming charts. The proposal would simplify the costs per stream, forcing Spotify to pony up more cash to rights holders. Here are people trying to make music valuable, and that's part of the conversation.

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