Trump the campaign trail showman returns on 'Thank you' tour

President-elect Donald Trump talks to the media as he stands with retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis

President-elect Donald Trump talks to the media as he stands with retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis

"Although we did have a lot of fun fighting Hillary [Clinton], didn't we?" he said, while the crowd chanted "Lock her up". He spent more than 10 minutes bashing the press, recounting how the media doubted his chances of winning. Protesters briefly interrupted the proceedings.

Asked what he would do on his first day in office, Trump told Fox News he may address his campaign pledge to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico, though he did not go into specifics. "Now is not the time to downsize our dreams but to set our sights higher than every before for our country".

Buried deep in Section 2634 of federal ethics laws is a tax avoidance maneuver called a "certificate of divestiture", that allows incoming cabinet picks to sell off billions of dollars in assets - in order to avoid future conflicts of interest - much of them tax-free.

Also during Wednesday's Hannity interview, Trump claimed that his administration won't have to launch a lot of executive orders since Democrats are going to "join the train".

"We have no choice; we want a strong military and we don't have to use them, although we will destroy ISIS".

While flag burning is protected under the U.S. constitution, according to a Supreme Court ruling, Trump nevertheless returned to the issue again on Thursday, telling his audience in Cincinnati: "If people burn the American flag, there should be consequences".

The 50-year-old Ohioan, who said she's never protested an election victor in her life, liked the "Hamilton" cast's message to Mike Pence a few weeks back and it inspired her to make a sign bearing, "What the Hamilton cast said ... ditto".

He repeated his recent statement that, despite constitutional protections, "if people burn the American flag, there should be consequences".

Mr Trump also revived some of the campaign promises that have struck fear into the hearts of many minorities in the US. He stunned even his own advisers by announcing his nomination of Mattis from the stage.

He retired as chief of the US Central Command in 2013 after serving more than four decades in the Marine Corps. Trump managed to win Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida - all states which Barack Obama won in both 2008 and 2012.

Trump's call for unity came as his supporters called for his former opponent Hillary Clinton to be put in jail.

He said the press was dishonest and took a couple of shots at Hillary. Now is the time to focus on the one thing that truly unites us.

President-elect Donald Trump warned on Thursday that USA companies would face "consequences" for outsourcing jobs overseas, as he touted his early success in persuading an air conditioner maker to keep about 1,000 jobs in the United States rather than move them to Mexico. They attracted 30,000 people there last summer. "He's a leader. That's what leaders do". Trump, the Carrier employee insisted, had vowed to keep the Indianapolis factory open. In February, the heating and air conditioning company said it would shut the plant and send jobs to Mexico, and video of angry workers being informed about the decision soon went viral.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump had an investment of up to $US250,000 ($A334,775) in 2014 in United Technologies Corp, the parent company of Carrier. It's not going to happen.

"We're going to have a real wall and we're going to stop what's happening, because what's happening in our country is very sad in so many different ways", he said.

Trump promised to usher in a new industrial revolution saying: "We're going to bring jobs back to Americans" and "we're going to have a simple rule: buy America and hire America".

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