United States intelligence leaders agree on Russian intervention in election to help Trump

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump at a rally in Grand Rapids Michigan

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump at a rally in Grand Rapids Michigan

Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton told donors at a December 15 fundraiser in NY that she did not lose the presidency through any fault of her own.

Brennan said in the message that "there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference in our presidential election".

John Brennan, Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the top American intelligence agency, said this in an email to CIA staffers, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

At a news conference during the presidential campaign in July, Trump encouraged Russian Federation to hack his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton's email system and reveal the contents.

Republican members of Congress are complaining that United States intelligence agencies are refusing to brief them widely on a classified CIA report that concluded Russian Federation hacked Democratic Party data in an effort to help Donald Trump win the presidency.

CIA Director John Brennan told the agency's employees in a message that USA intelligence agencies are on the same page.

"I do think it's worth us reflecting how it is that a presidential election of such importance, of such moment, with so many big issues at stake and such a contrast between the candidates came to be dominated by a bunch of these leaks".

President Obama spoke about the hacking at his press conference on Friday.

"In early September when I saw President Putin in China I felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out, and there were going to be some serious consequences if he didn't", he said.

"Swing-state voters made their decisions in the final days breaking against me because of the Federal Bureau of Investigation letter from Director Comey", Clinton said in the audio obtained by the The New York Times. "And part of the goal here was to make sure that we did not do the work of the leakers for them by raising more and more questions about the integrity of the election right before the election was taking place - at a time, by the way, when the president-elect himself was raising questions about the integrity of the election".

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a statement, describing how it plans to proceed with its investigation into the hacking, and the intelligence community's conclusion that it was directed by people at the highest levels of the Russian government.

"He wants to move to another level of relations, a closer, deeper level of relations with Russian Federation", he said.

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