Windows 10 VR minimum system requirements revealed

Windows 10 VR minimum system requirements revealed

Windows 10 VR minimum system requirements revealed

Qualcomm will build the ARM chips capable of running real desktop versions of signature Windows applications on mobile platforms like tablets and laptops in 2017.

Above you can see above, Microsoft's x86 emulation on an ARM-core powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip appears to run quickly and smoothly. "We have nothing further to share at this time", a company spokesperson was quoted as saying.

It will be interesting to see what shape these devices take and which companies produce them.

Microsoft is supporting SIMs of both the traditional removable type, and also eSIMs that are built into a Windows 10 PC. Plus, Windows 10 has features that allow enterprises to manage W10 mobile devices with the same software and technology they already use to manage their PCs, which is a big deal to them. The result of the joint effort will be delivered to the hundreds of millions of existing Windows users, as well as owners of mixed reality headsets. Thanks to x86 emulation on Windows 10, users will be able to run powerful desktop apps such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office on their device.

The latest security capabilities to protect devices from malware and hacking threats, advances in biometric authentication with Windows Hello, sophisticated insights from Microsoft's Intelligent Security Graph, additional world-class security intelligence, and analytics from Intel.

The closest Microsoft has ever come to a true release of a consumer-centric Windows version on ARM was Windows RT, launched alongside Windows 8 on Microsoft's Surface family of tablets. Well, of course app follows Microsoft's Universal Windows App design.

Use of Windows XP is still widespread across NHS hospital trusts, with the operating system still in use in 90 percent of trusts questioned.

Microsoft is calling these devices "Cellular PCs".

The fact that Qualcomm has confirmed the Snapdragon 835 SoC will be available for Windows 10 laptop makers this coming 2017 doesn't mean that Microsoft will definitely be going the former's way. Microsoft will also make dev kits for the Windows Holographics headsets available at the Game Developers Conference in February.

Microsoft is pushing to put more goodies into the personal computer, detailing plans for a new slate of Windows-powered virtual reality headsets and promising new features for computers that run the operating system. The company is partnering with Intel to make Project Evo a reality, aiming to "marry the best innovation across hardware, software and services" to create more powerful devices and next-generation customer experiences.

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