Bannon Berates Media As 'Opposition Party'

Elaborating on Donald Trump’s decisions Sean Spicer said they ‘usher in a new era in US trade policy’ based on bilateral trade deals that would take precedence over multilateral agreements

Bannon Berates Media As 'Opposition Party'

"I want you to quote this", Bannon told the Times. They're not saying the bust is taken out, what they're saying is I'm a racist.

With Trump in the White House, Bannon has found himself emboldened in a way that he could only dream of several months ago, when he stepped away from his "alt-right" media empire to join the struggling Trump campaign as its chief executive. But now that he is no longer in the thick of it and has the world's largest platform to spread his message, he 's taking pot shots at the press.

(I think those are the two best newspapers in the land.) Mr. Bannon also said, "The New York Times should be absolutely ashamed and humiliated".

Angered by recent anti-media comments from Steve Bannon, the creator of the Netflix political melodrama "House of Cards" urged his Twitter followers to flood the Trump adviser's White House office with snail mail.

His reasoning, so much as you call the trollish broadside a coherent thought, was that because the mainstream media (or, what he calls the "elite media") is attempting to hold Trump accountable and was wrong about their election prognostications, they have invalidated their role as members of the fourth estate. He then joined the Donald Trump campaign for the USA presidency.

Asked if he was concerned that Mr Spicer had lost credibility with the news media, Mr Bannon said: "Are you kidding me?" He said it was the media and not the Democratic Party which was acting as the opposition.

During an interview with the New York Times, Bannon called the media, "the opposition party", and said it should, "keep its mouth shut for a while".

"The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign", Bannon lamented.

In the first 72 hours since the 45th President of the United States took his oath of office, his administration has executed a coordinated attack on the media and demonstrated a clear disregard for facts, RSF on January 26 reported. In so doing, they are failing to live up to their oath of office. "Questioning the integrity" - are you kidding me?'

Regarding the size of his crowds, Trump told Hannity, "It's fake news".

Bannon is reportedly still bitter towards the Committee to Protect Journalists, which publicly denounced Trump for his hostility of the Press and its right to free speech in the performance of its duties to the American public.

"Historically, we've seen a lot of corruption and a lot of abuse brought about, brought to light because of the media", said Dr. Derigan Silver, Associate Professor at the DU Department of Media, Film and Journalism studies.

Apparently unabashed by warnings raining down from the new administration and Bannon's words, CNN, which recently earned the title of "fake news" from Trump, made a decision to speak out.

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