Dominican Newspaper Apologizes for Photo of Baldwin Instead of Trump

"That's ok, I'm a TV president", Baldwin's Trump responded.

"I don't do this for me", she said. You need to reach inside me and you need to pull out the truth. "I just wrote the stuff that was amusing and then would be clumsy when it was the right time".

Baldwin reprised his role as Trump to mock his battle with the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals over his executive order on immigration. Trump wanted to bring in a character witness, who was none other than Vladimir Putin, ably played as ever by a shirtless Beck Bennett.

However, to gain some footing, the president chose to call a member of his family, a person who knows him better than anyone else, to be a witness to his deeds. There were several reports out in the past week that Trump did not like that Spicer was portrayed by a woman.

You can see the article screencap over at Variety. I mean, look at Chicago.

"There's bad dudes coming in here, bad hombres, bad boys, bad boys, what 'ya gonna do?" he joked, channeling the theme song from Cops.

This was Baldwin's 17th time hosting "SNL", allowing him to maintain the claim of hosting "SNL" the most.Overall, it was a strong episode that surprisingly, wasn't based around Trump.

The President's press secretary, Sean Spicer, has also provided material for SNL. Are they Twitter-baiting? We'll see.

"I, myself, would never eat a burrito from China", said Baldwin.

During his interview, Baldwin also poked fun at the Ivanka Trump Nordstrom clothing line controversy, saying he was wearing a suit from Ivanka Trump's men's collection at Nordstrom.

Watch for the "Melania Trump's" special appearance at the end of the video.

During the game, Baldwin attempted to convince Fallon that his box contained "a big fat, juicy burrito from Honduras", said in his Trump voice, made famous on Saturday Night Live. "You were so handsome!" This featured a high schooler, played by Mikey Day, who farted every time he did a sit up.

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