Iran Plans To Buy Tons Of Kazakh Uranium Over 3 Years

Iran's nuclear chief said on Saturday the country has placed an order to purchase 950 tons of uranium concentrate from Kazakhstan over the next three years to help develop its civil reactor program. "The issue is not on the agenda of the joint commission yet because the 5+1 group has set some conditions which are not acceptable for Iran for selling us carbon fiber". "Now we are waiting for it to announce its final decision", said Salehi, who heads the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. It took effect in early 2016 to end sanctions on the Islamic Republic in return for time-bound restrictions on its nuclear program.

"The deal (on yellow cake) is expected to be implemented in three years", he said, as 650 tons of the yellow cake shipment will arrive in Tehran in two batches in two years and the remaining 300 tons will arrive in the third year.

A confidential report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) obtained by Reuters made clear Iran's official stock of enriched uranium has fallen by half.

The deal limits the level to which Iran can enrich uranium at 3.67 percent and caps the amount it can stockpile.

"In the beginning of talks on the Iranian nuclear program, we had parallel consultations with Russian Federation concerning new nuclear energy blocks", he said.

The import of 125 tons of natural uranium known as yellowcake was also mentioned by the report.

The report by the Iranian Students' News Agency ISNA comes a day after the United Nations atomic watchdog said Iran's official stock of enriched uranium had fallen by half after large amounts stuck in pipes was recategorized as unrecoverable under a process agreed with the major powers.

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