It's time for the final push against Betsy DeVos

Image via AP

Image via AP

Senate Democrats plan to hold a marathon 24-hour session leading up to the confirmation vote of Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, CNN reports.

If one more Republican sides with Democrats against her nomination, DeVos will become only the 10th cabinet nominee in US history rejected by Congress.

With the vote now setting up to be a 50-50 tie, Vice President Mike Pence is expected to break it.

On Monday, Senate Democrats announced a 24 hour protest on the Senate floor to slow down the confirmation of Trump's sixth Cabinet nominee.

"[Those] two Republican senators who bailed out are both senators that have gotten significant contributions from the public school establishment - and I think they're doing their bidding", he tells OneNewsNow. But two Republican senators - Alaska's Lisa Murkowski and Maine's Susan Collins - have gone against the party lines and are opposing Betsy DeVos.

"Betsy DeVos, for decades, has been passionate about trying to help students in the inner city, students that are in poverty, any student to be able to have every opportunity in education they can possibly have". "She appears to view education through the lens of her experience promoting alternatives to public education in Detroit and other cities".

Also on Monday, the American Family Association's One News Now quoted Religious Right activist Gary Bauer calling criticism of DeVos "unjustified". I believe we are opening up a can of worms that will backfire on us as conservatives as we need someone qualified to steer the Department of Education toward excellence our nation's schools were once known for. This is a notion that is embedded in our values.

"Now is the time to put country before party", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the floor of the Senate today. The vote was 12-11 in favor of moving the nomination. As a result, "We're a laughingstock in national education circles, and a pariah among reputable charter school operators, who have not opened schools in Detroit", Henderson wrote.

More recently DeVos became of the subject of plagiarism accusations in light of information suggesting that some of the written documentation she provided to the committee may have contained lifted passages. The majority have been against DeVos, according to the senator. Because that won't happen, Democrats can eat up the intervening hours until the DeVos vote by railing against her on the Senate floor.

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