Jordan Farmar on Cavs' radar after free-agent workout

Lance Stephenson New Orleans Pelicans

Jordan Farmar on Cavs' radar after free-agent workout

Stephenson, the never predictable, sometimes out-of-control Brooklyn native, has a tumultuous history with discontent Cavs star LeBron James, who has prodded the front office in recent days to add to the roster.

According to multiple sources, the Cleveland Cavaliers hosted a workout composed of several key veteran free agents such as Jordan Farmar, Lance Stephenson, Kirk Hinrich, and Mario Chalmers.

"I got no personal problems with nobody", James said during an interview at shootaround last Wednesday. "I got a history with Lance too, obviously". I've got a history versus Kirk. He hasn't played in a game since May amid the second-round playoff series against the Cavaliers. And I've got a history with Rio (Chalmers).

Chalmers was with the Memphis Grizzlies past year, playing in 55 games for the team after they traded the Miami Heat for him. I hope he's been doing everything he needs to do just to get back on the floor. Farmar is a player with an outside shot, and can help with the game.

Going into the workout, Chalmers was considered the favorite to earn a spot on the Cavs considering his history alongside LeBron James as the Miami Heat's primary starting point guard during the franchise's four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals from 2011 to '14. He was former teammate of LeBron James in Miami where they won two championships.

Over 10 National Basketball Association seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies and the Kings, Farmar has averaged 7.7 points, 2.9 assists and 1.9 rebounds per game. He suffered an Achilles injury while playing for the Memphis Grizzlies last March. That is why James said he would welcome anyone who could assist in that department.

Stephenson tried to be foil for James' Heat teams when Stephenson was with Indiana. The 30-year-old point guard played two games for the Sacramento Kings early this season, before being waived in November 7, and reported Thursday morning that Farmar was "impressive" in the workout with the Cavaliers.

The most memorable incident involving the two was when Stephenson blew into James' ear during a stoppage in play.

"I just want to win, man", James said.

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