Lana Del Rey releases new single 'Love'

Lana Del Rey returned with a surprise new single called "Love" at the weekend, marking her first solo music in two years.

Music Insight understands posters of the United States star mysteriously appeared around Los Angeles on Friday, emblazoned with the enigmatic singer's face and the word "Love", leading to speculation about the title of her new album.

Check it out below.

"Love" is the first single from Del Rey's upcoming fifth studio album, a "body of work" created by the singer and her longtime producer and collaborator Rick Nowels.

The video, directed by Rich Lee, then takes an intergalactic turn when the backdrop turns into a starry galaxy reflected in her eyes as she gazes above the audience.

Lana also appeared on The Weeknd's Starboy album, singing on Stargirl Interlude and co-writing and performing backing vocals on Party Monster.

There's a sci-fi element to the video, with cars, teens, skateboards and more getting blown out into space, or swimming in a lake under the enormous moon and getting caught in a meteor shower.

Del Rey is back after a gap of nearly 16 months. After a series of posters began popping up around Los Angeles bearing Lana's face, a desert landscape, a truck plummeting into the sky and the word "love", the track emerged, and it now has a new video. With the release of "Love", anyone who's a fan of Lana Del Rey should be excited for what her next album will have in store.

It will follow her 2015 album "Honeymoon" which reached number two in the United Kingdom and U.S. charts.

Other side projects included her song for "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack in 2013, "Young and lovely", which went platinum and gained a Grammy nod for Best Song Written For Visual Media.

The song is now available on iTunes/Apple Music, the Google Play Store, Spotify, and YouTube.

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