'The LEGO Batman Movie' Review

The Lego Batman is a parody not of Batman the comic book character but of the very concept of Batman. Arnett's Batman is not a happy guy, weighted down as he is by a limitless sense of self-grandeur.

This amalgam of pop culture is really the only thing that ties it to The Lego Movie, but that doesn't make it any less essential in your must-see movie list. Batman is unaware that during the Gala party he was talking to young Dick Grayson (voiced by Michael Cera), an orphan who he later adopts but has no memory of the conversation. Rosario Dawson shines as Barbara Gordon, who has more to do in the story than just be Batgirl (and she does get a good line asking why, if she's "Batgirl" he's not "Batboy"). All too quickly the party is interrupted by the Joker who makes an astonishing announcement. Batman has been comical before, of course, in the classic 1966 "Batman" TV series and film, and more recently on "Robot Chicken"'s many spoofs of DC Comics characters. There are callbacks to what seems to be every incarnation of the Caped Crusader, with the evident exception of the current GOTHAM (and it may be in there somewhere).

Arnett as Bruce Wayne/Batman is nothing but absolutely spectacular. Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment's family film "Lego Batman Movie", meanwhile, saw $2.2 million in Thursday previews, while "John Wick: Chapter 2" also opened to a solid $2.2 million for Lionsgate. First, old nemesis Joker (Zach Galifianakis, delightful), is up to his usual destructive mischief. Lego Batman: The Movie was enough of a success that, like its video game inspiration, a number of sequels followed - but unlike the three games to date, the animated Lego Batman was far more adept at sharing; by the third feature, his name had been replaced in the title by Justice League as the focus grew to include his fellow heroes. Galifianakis always makes his character vulnerable with an evil grin, as this particular Joker he is flawless.

Why do you think people are responding so well to this version of Batman? Don't let the soft voice fool you! Due to a busy schedule and a family, he now just streams them at home.

More of the unbelievable vocal cast include Jonah Hill, Jermaine Clement, Zoe Kravitz, Ellie Kemper, Kate Micucci, Adam Devine, Seth Green, Mariah Carey, Billy Dee Williams, Jason Mantzoukas, Riki Lindhome, Eddie Izzard, Doug Benson and Siri! LEGO Batman actually works as well as if not better than the original LEGO Movie.

Before President Donald Trump's pick for treasury secretary began amassing a swath of Hollywood credits, he was breaking into executive producing by backing a bunch of colorful kiddie toys. Did you know that one of Batman's villains is the Condiment King who shoots weaponized ketchup and mustard? So please understand that when I tell you that this is the best Batman film ever made, I say so without hyperbole. Giving him a traditional story arc as a leading man doesn't do him or Arnett that many favors: This Batman might be funner in smaller doses. Equally, there are so many cool references and one-liners I can guarantee that the laughs will never stop. But I think the concept was stretched nearly too far in just one film, so I would not be excited for a sequel.

As you can see, this is a condensed film review of the new LEGO Batman movie, a spinoff of the highly underrated The LEGO Movie.

"The idea is to replicate a child's play experience, which means you don't just use a single franchise, but you mix it up", said Dan Lin, a producer of the "Lego" films.

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