'The Simpsons' Actually Predicted Lady Gaga's Incred Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga backstage at NRG Stadium with Donatella Versace

Stadium before the Super Bowl halftime show. Instagram/@Donatella_Versace

So it's not a surprise that the Internet had a field day with Lady Gaga's performance Sunday night-but it might be a surprise that many people compared her to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Gaga, a sworn foe of US President Donald Trump, kept with the game's guidelines to steer clear of overt politics.

Nobody living can ever stop me, / As I go walking that freedom highway; / Nobody living can ever make me turn back / This land was made for you and me. Gaga's fan-base consists of listeners who she calls her "little monsters" and she has said that she's definitely keeping them in mind for her big performance. She has called the experience a "dream come true".

Mind, Million Reasons - a slow piano-driven ballad - was performed after running around the stage, jumping off pedestals and flying through the Houston air.

It's too bad, because the weakly presented dive took attention from Gaga's earnest introduction in the stadium's upper reaches singing "God Bless America" and "This Land Is Your Land" as stars formed an American flag.

Lady Gala in Versace at Super Bowl performance
Lady Gaga's crystal-studded jumpsuit with big shoulder had an '80s rocker vibe. Instagram/@Donatella_Versace

This past November, Lady Gaga hit No. 1 on the Billboard Top 100 Chart for the first time, when her new album Joanne debuted at atop the list.

After Vancouver, Lady Gaga will be heading to Edmonton on August 3.

Gaga's opening set the tone for inclusiveness and unity.

She revealed her favourite half-time memory was watching the King of Pop rock the Rose Bowl in California in 1993 and gushed: "Watching Michael Jackson do the halftime show is one of the fondest memories that I have". With songs like "Hey Girl", the star speaks to empower other women and seeks to give a voice to marginalized groups, a focus she's had throughout her career.

Basically, anything expecting anything else out of Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance hasn't been paying attention to Lady Gaga.

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