The unanswered question in Trump's announcement of a $7 billion Intel investment

While standing in the Oval Office this morning, Krzanich was questioned about whether there was something that President Trump said that changed his mind about finishing construction, to which he replied, "It's really in support of the tax and regulatory policies that we see the administration pushing forward, that really make it advantageous for manufacturing in the U.S". As a result, Intel employs more than 50,000 people in the United States, while directly supporting nearly half a million other across a range of industries, including semiconductor tooling, software, logistics, channels, OEMs and other manufacturers that incorporate our products into theirs. The new facility will be used to make new 7 nanometer chips that Intel plans to debut in the next few years.

"This is great news", said Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. Aligning with the Trump administration on employment, Intel stated that the new plant would create 3,000 high-wage jobs. One of the first questions that was addressed talked about the need for Intel to make this announcement at the White House?

Intel, Coulter said, is in a "tricky" spot.

"Intel is very proud of the fact that the majority of our manufacturing is here in the U.S. and the majority of our research and development is here in the U.S., while over 80 percent of what we sell is sold outside of the U.S.", Krzanich said.

Intel's previously cancelled Fab 42, which calls Chandler, Arizona home, is back on again.

"We support the Administration's policies to level the global playing field and make USA manufacturing competitive worldwide through new regulatory standards and investment policies", Krzanich wrote in the email.

"When we disagree, we don't walk away", he continued.

It's not clear when Intel planned to bring the Chandler facility online, but the company likely would have completed its investment at some point, said McGregor.

"We think we need to be part of the conversation on issues such as immigration ... and other policies that are essential to innovation".

"Fab 42 is an investment in our own future and will help ensure that the USA remains the global leader in the semiconductor industry", Krzanich wrote in a letter to employees.

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