Whoopi Goldberg Offers To Sit Next To Tiffany Trump At Fashion Week

On "The View", Goldberg added that she had no problem with people boycotting Ivanka Trump's clothing line, that Nordstrom recently dropped.

EIC Alyssa Vingan Klein also tweeted about the "seating s- show" on Monday, allegedly prompting Nikki Ogunnaike, senior fashion editor at Elle, to tweet that she and other editors made a decision to relocate after being seated next to the president's daughter.

So she sent this little tweet of comfort to Tiffany: " You know what Tiffany, I'm supposed to attend some shows. "She's looking at the fashion!" the co-host said.

In fact, they didn't want to sit near her... Tiffany Trump tweeted, along with a smiley face emoji. "That's all about buying stuff. There is a difference", she said. And now youngest Trump daughter, 23-year-old Tiffany Trump, is also feeling the heat after being VERY publicly shunned by fashion editors at NYFW.

Tiffany responded to Whoopi's offer on Twitter by thanking her and saying she'd be glad to sit next to her, too.

It's hard to blame fashion editors for feeling the need to protect their own brands/careers during these turbulent times, but still, anyone else getting very high school-ish (possibly Mean Girls-esque) vibes from this sitch? A few feet down, an even bigger crowd seemed to gather around Hilton, perhaps because she was unburdened by a full security detail-a reality star of another era, now overshadowed by the daughter of another reality star who has changed all the rules.

Later on, just before the show began, executives from Philipp Plein came over to ask the current occupants to clear the seats for Plein's family members, including his sister and girlfriend, Binkley says. "I'll find you're a- and sit next to you!"

"I'm not a politician", Plein told TMZ. "I think that's so bad".

"Tiffany's left out of everything", Joy Behar joked, "Trump leaves her out of the North Korea talks and everything!"

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