Almost 100-year-old woman fulfills bucket list wish to get arrested

Back in October, a 102-year-old Missouri woman, Edie Simms, also fulfilled her wish of getting arrested.

That's when her niece called the Nijmegen-Zuid police (from a town near the German border). Oh, and she's handcuffed.

The caption explained how Annie was nearly 100 years old and had always wanted to "experience a police cell from within".

The Nijmegen-Zuid Police posted photos of the beaming "jailbird" on its Facebook page, where they've since racked up over 4,000 reactions and almost 200 shares.

In another picture, she proudly holds up her cuffs from behind the cell.

A 99-year old granny from Netherlands was invited to the police station as part of an unusual bucket list. They clearly thought it was a hilarious request and wanted to help make it a day Annie would always remember. "She couldn't look happier!"

'When she was reporting a crime, she told the police officer about Annie's bucket list.

That's Annie living her best life, even at 99.

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