Diverse Faith Community To Show Solidarity At Springfield JCC

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Diverse Faith Community To Show Solidarity At Springfield JCC

A Jewish Community Center in Silicon Valley and a Brooklyn Jewish senior center both received bomb threats. The museum was not open for business when the threat was received and investigators found no trace of explosives. Last Monday, at least 20 bombs threats to Jewish groups were made, according to NBC News.

Federal, state and local law enforcement stand outside the Jewish Children's Museum following a bomb threat, Thursday March 9, 2017 in Brooklyn borough of NY. The ADL also reported threats to its offices in Boston, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Florida, and Maryland. He said he's working with institutions in NY to help them manage responses to the threats.

The threat follows Thursday's false bomb scare at the Jewish Children's Museum.

"We thank you for your recent efforts and ask that you inform us of the actions that your Departments plan to take to address threats against these and other religious institutions". Wednesday, 141 heads of JCCs around the country and the national association's leadership released a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, expressing dissatisfaction with the government's failure to put an end to the threats or to identify culprits, and calling for a stronger response.

Police were investigating the threat 15 minutes later, police said.

"We're going to provide funding for security and cameras for cultural centers, schools that might be subject to an attack", he said.

In total, more than 100 Jewish institutions, mostly JCCs, have received bomb threats since the beginning of the year.

Still, we are frustrated with the progress in resolving this situation.

We urge fellow federal agencies to follow DHS's lead and apply all resources necessary toward finding the perpetrator or perpetrators of these disruptive, harassing calls, and bringing them to justice.

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