Don't have the time? Get 'Ashes to Go' on March 1

According to The Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD), a New York-based group called Parity, which has roots in the Presbyterian Church (USA) is offering ashes mixed with glitter for participants to use on March 1, Ash Wednesday. The "Glitter Ash Wednesday" initiative - led in part by Parity, a faith-based organization based in NY that's focused on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community - aims to combine a traditional symbol of repentance with a message of solidarity.

The rules of Lent have changed quite a bit since it was first celebrated but the general idea is to make a sacrifice as a form of penance (repenting for your sins), to renew your faith and to prepare to celebrate.

7 a.m. - a 30 minute service, especially convenient for commuters.

"We looked at the situation on the ground.People and families are on the move all the time", Fr Mooney told the paper.

Some local religious leaders however, don't agree with the glitter addition.

Christians traditionally give up certain foods over Lent, which leads up to Easter and this year begins on 1 March, to mark Jesus's 40 days of fasting in the desert. The ashes smudged on one's forehead serve as a public mark of faith, unlike getting Communion or praying, which are more private practices, he said.

"From one point of view, a person - no matter what their secual orientation might be - they are human being and deserving of respect", he stated.

"It reminds us that we come from dust, and to dust we shall return", he said.

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