Google's Hangouts revamp is a jacked-up two-app Slack attack

Google's Hangouts revamp is a jacked-up two-app Slack attack

Google's Hangouts revamp is a jacked-up two-app Slack attack

The new Hangouts Chat app is more or less like Slack or Microsoft Teams app. Hangouts Chat is a bit different from the previous Hangouts version and offers multiple virtual rooms for each topic, threaded conversations, integration with other G Suite services, and a filterable search.

Speaking of meetings, Hangouts Chat will integrate with a big upgrade to the Hangouts video chat service, now dubbed "Hangouts Meet".

Hangouts Chat is a direct challenger to Slack and the new Microsoft Teams, as well as Amazon's recently announced Chime - intensifying the competition in this already hotly contested corner of the technology market.

Google has launched the the business variant of its popular Hangouts app today on the Play store, dubbed as Hangouts Meet.

Now, the fruits of that decision have been revealed in the form of two new apps - Hangouts Chat and Hangout Meet.

Employees or customers wanting to join a videoconference in Hangouts Meet can click on a shared link inside Google Calendar or in email. The service, out now, lets up to 30 users in multiple locations conduct video calls over IP and share G-Suite documents or images with the group. But it's clear that the company is finally cracking down that Hangouts is a big part of its corporate enterprise band and Allo/Duo are its consumer communication apps.

Google will also makes all messages and rooms searchable; the search can be filtered by person or file type.

On the second day of its ongoing Cloud Next event here, Google announced several upgrades to its existing apps to make them more relevant for enterprises.

What do you think of Google's new Hangouts business strategy?

Whether this is paying off or not is still early to tell, but from what Google is doing, it appears that the Hangouts app will indeed get deeper and deeper into the enterprise world in the coming days.

Hangouts Chat is created to work a lot more like a modern work chat application. Google Assistant isn't now available within this offering. And now Google has added Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet to the mix.

Hangouts Meet is available now. Enterprise customers will get a dedicated dial-in number making it even easier to get involved. Both Google's own services and third-party services will be integrated into the app. It's time you got one.

But Google has quite a lot of advantages over Slack and even Microsoft. And they want to respond quickly to conversations that are going on within their team. Users will be able to have named team chats that bring in content from outside sources like docs from G Suite, Asana, Box and Zendesk.

It's clear that Chat and Meet are focused on executives only.

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