'I don't know if I will ever tour again,' vows Adele

Swearing away! Adele is well known for her outrageously potty mouth

Swearing away! Adele is well known for her outrageously potty mouth

Adele is now on her world tour, which brought her to The Palace of Auburn Hills in September 2016 for two concerts. The only reason I've toured is you.

But Adele's milestone concert in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday was more dramatic than most as the superstar performed to a 40,000 strong crowd in the middle of a tropical downpour.

"[The tour is] my greatest accomplishment in my career", she said, as she started crying.

It remains to be seen if and when Adele will take the live stage again - she recently turned down an opportunity to replace Beyoncé at Coachella.

"I get so nervous with live performances that I'm too frightened to try anything new", she said. It's actually getting worse. "I'm on tour simply to see everyone who's been so supportive". The Grammy winning singer is on the final leg of her tour, before she formerly finishes in her hometown. "Then the future's an open book", Coppel added.

Reflecting on what has been a history-making trek with millions of tickets sold worldwide, Adele admitted to fans at the Mount Smart Stadium that she does not enjoy touring.

And during the show, she said that this might be the last time she hits the road.

The Turning Tables singer has nearly wrapped up 13 months of her Adele Live Tour in cities across Europe, North America and Australia. Still, her last slew of scheduled shows of 2017 are scheduled for London's storied Wembley Stadium. I get so nervous on stage that I don't have the guts to improvise or anything like that'.

"Just before we go to the next song ... excuse me sir, I know you work here, but can you please stop telling people to sit down?"

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