Israel's Netanyahu pledges to work with Trump on peace efforts

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley arrives to address the AIPAC Conference

Israel's Netanyahu pledges to work with Trump on peace efforts

"David, I look forward to welcoming you warmly to Israel and especially to Jerusalem", Netanyahu said.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has warned the USA against the relocation of the embassy, saying that doing so would fuel extremism in the region and kill all chances for a solution to the conflict.

But Netanyahu, speaking via satellite link from Jerusalem, avoided any mention of the delicate discussions and stopped short of reiterating a commitment to a two-state solution to the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Saying he and President Trump always "will stand without apology" for Israel and that the United States will never compromise its safety and security, Pence also gave the supportive crowd what it wanted to hear regarding Iran and its nuclear ambitions. His administration has since emphasized that Trump supports whatever solution both Israelis and Palestinians support and can agree to.

Al-Ayyam said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he expects to soon reach an understanding with the U.S. regarding settlement construction. "I wanted to read it to you in the spirit of strong support for a Jewish, secure and democratic Israel", Pelosi said, borrowing rhetoric J Street might easily use.

In his remarks, Netanyahu said, "Israel is committed to working with President Donald Trump to achieve peace with the Palestinians and all our Arab neighbors".

Since taking office Trump has spoken less about the move which has proved increasingly contentious against the backdrop of the fraught Middle East peace process. Last week, the United States hosted an Israeli delegation in Washington.

Netanyahu pointed to Israeli aid in Africa, intelligence shared with foreign governments and natural disaster relief rendered by the country to illustrate Israel's contributions to the world.

The U.S. and Israel see the moves as part of an effort to bypass direct negotiations between the two sides and have the global community bestow an independent state on the Palestinians. He went on to say that, "in President Trump America has a leader that will call their enemies by their name".

Netanyahu on Monday called the U.S.

The newly-confirmed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations described similarities between the Israeli and Indian cultures. It is unclear that he will deliver what the United States is hoping for on the politically explosive issue.

Back in February, Haley noted that U.S. doesn't recognize a Palestinian state "or support the signal" that Fayyad's appointment would have sent within the United Nations.

"The next thing we did was we said, 'the days of Israel-bashing are over.' We have a lot of things to talk about".

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