On 'SNL,' President Trump defends America against alien attack

This was Johansson's fifth time hosting the late night show since 2006

This was Johansson's fifth time hosting the late night show since 2006

It had been a while but Alec Baldwin has returned to SNL once more as Donald Trump this week.

Alec Baldwin pretty much told us to expect a President Trump impression on Saturday Night Live tonight. His take on Trump's would-be response was hardly Bill Pullman-esque.

As the US military readies to save the earth in the sketch, Trump-played, of course, by Alec Baldwin-gives a final pep talk to the troops.

Well, that's not quite how it works.

"The aliens are already here, they've been hiding in this country for hundreds of years", he adds.

"The aliens are laughing at us", he says.

Baldwin kicked off the show with a cold open.

Baldwin's Trump appears not to know the Pledge of Allegiance; in addition to numerous words he can not pronounce, like "demand", he says, "That's is why I hereby demand".

There were some bright spots for SNL's Trump, however. Bring back coal, and that's about itAs the aliens encroach on the East Coast military base, Baldwin's Trump exhibits very little concern for the lethal chaos at hand, playing down the catastrophe by changing the subject. "You'll say I never knew there could be so much coal".

The superstar cast of Saturday Night Live gave it their all for the eagerly anticipated March 11 show, opening with a wildly hilarious sketch.

Trump then singles out soldiers Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata as secret aliens, to which Zamata replies, "Oh, okay. No". Al Franken as played by Alex Moffat.

Dan and Didi (Kenan Thompson and Scarlett Johansson) attend the funeral of a friend to perform a musical tribute, in the process revealing to the mourners that the deceased had a gift for writing really suggestive R&B songs.

"We had lunch at a deli", Moffat's Franken says.

"Max, I'm sorry, but you're just a dog".

"OK, can you place your hand on the Bible please?"

"Excuse me, Helen, but yes, I do", the dog responds.

When told a Trump hotel in NY had been destroyed by the attack, faux-Trump uses it to plug his brand.

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