SYRIYA: 42 killed, 100 injured in raids on Aleppo mosque

Strike on Syrian mosque a 'war crime'

SYRIYA: 42 killed, 100 injured in raids on Aleppo mosque

The apparent mosque strike comes just a few days after it was revealed that the Trump administration has relaxed Central Intelligence Agency protocol on drone strikes against suspected terrorists.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitoring group, said both buildings together make up the mosque. Several hurdles, such as unemployment, have anxious the newcomers, since there are not many opportunities, as thousands of Syrians have moved to the city in the past two years, Al-Monitor reported in December 2016. He said the Pentagon would investigate any credible allegations it received.

The U.S. military killed dozens of al Qaida militants in a strike in northern Syria, the Pentagon said on Friday, but it denied local reports that a mosque was struck and that dozens of civilians had been killed. It shows a small mosque still standing, seemingly undamaged, while the targeted building lies in rubble. The small, nearby mosque appeared intact with only small damages on one side.

While both Russian and US-led coalition warplanes operate in the area, unconfirmed reports from the scene suggest USA missile debris were recovered from the rubble.

At least 44 civilians were reported dead and dozens more were wounded in the airstrike. Russian and Syrian aircraft are known also to operate in the opposition-held region. Some activists said - though unverified - that remnants of the missile belong to an USA -made Hellfire missile.

It was the latest example of a large, unexplainable gap between what the U.S. military and residents on the ground said was hit in a conflict where it is impossible for independent observers to be on the ground to assess what happened.

The Observatory said jets hit around a mosque in al-Jina village near Atarib in the western part of Aleppo province, a few miles (km) from Idlib province on Thursday. The SOHR said it does not know to what country the warplanes that bombed the mosque belong. Such discrepancies are not uncommon in the immediate aftermath of attacks in Syria.

In recent months and years, Al-Jinnah has been flooded with refugees, according to United Nations agencies.

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