Violent suspect hit by police vehicle in pursuit

Violent suspect hit by police vehicle in pursuit

Violent suspect hit by police vehicle in pursuit

Last Saturday, a police chase in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had a deadly outcome after an officer drove over an armed female suspect with his squad vehicle.

Police had been desperate to get Dickson, who was accused of shooting a man in the head on Thursday night and causing him to crash his vehicle.

Police say Dickson was struck and killed by a patrol vehicle during a shootout with officers.

Police say Dickson was running from police, the video shows her at one point appearing to aim a gun directly at the pursuing squad auto. That is the officer who then runs her down on the grass next to the sidewalk.

At first glance, it's unclear what Dickson is holding in her right hand until the video is slowed down and a red circle shows the gun. That is followed by the sound of gunfire and another officer saying "shots fired, shorts fired".

While running, she turns her torso toward the approaching police cruiser and points the gun toward the vehicle.

Two years ago she stole an Osage County deputy's patrol auto while still wearing handcuffs.

Police said Officer Jonathan Grafton is the officer who ran down Dickson.

Grafton, who has been with the Tulsa Police Department for six years, was on paid administrative leave in the wake of the fatal incident.

Officers Kayla Johnson and Detective Ronnie Leatherman, also present during the incident, fired their guns during the exchange, Tulsa World reported. Officers spotted her as she climbed into a pickup truck near an apartment complex.

Authorities said they had desperately tried to stop Dickson because of the threat she was posing.

Moments after that, at just past 2:25 p.m., the vehicle strikes Dickson, and she can be seen falling and going beneath the hood.

"Deep down, she was a good person", Stieber told Tulsa World.

Dickson died from injuries sustained in the incident.

Earlier this month, cops accused Dickson of armed robbery and another shooting on back-to-back days.

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