You can now sign-up for the Quake Champions closed beta

You can now sign-up for the Quake Champions closed beta

You can now sign-up for the Quake Champions closed beta

Entry into the Beta is mostly luck, as sign-ups for the highly anticipated Closed Beta for Quake Champions will be based on an E-Mail selection process. The female character is described as being sly and stealthy as her active ability lets her sidestep danger and plan a careful attack.

Fans looking for more details about Quake Champions can hit the web site for information about Arenas, weapons, and Champions. Bethesda has been hard at work on its flagship shooter (along with id Software), and we're finally starting to learn a little more about our champions.

Quake Champions is being developed by id Software for Windows PC.

Quake Champions was announced alongside a debut trailer at last year's E3, featuring a lot of playable characters, each with their own sets of unique skills. Our first look at Nyx is quick, brutal, and full of guts.

Nyx can also phase in and out of reality with her "Ghost Walk", which will allow her to blink out of sight, keep moving, and reappear in different point in space.

"Harnessing the energy of the sacred Fathom Orb, Nyx's people - the Melem - have learned how to "Ghost Walk".

To register your interest in taking part in the Quake Champions closed beta gameplay jump over to the official website via the link below.

On the plus side, some gamers won't even have to wait until the Quake Champions closed beta begins to get some hands-on time with the game. And with the game getting a showing at PAX East this weekend, id has chose to give players a glimpse at some of the characters they will get to choose from.

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