Amtrak police use Taser on man inside Penn Station in Manhattan

Penn Station dissolved into chaos after a taser

Amtrak police use Taser on man inside Penn Station in Manhattan

There was chaos and panic inside New York Penn Station Friday evening after an incident involving a belligerent passenger lead to mistaken reports of gunfire.

On Friday, an NJ Transit train bound for NY became disabled in a Hudson River tunnel, inducing a sense of dread and deja vu among commuters as delays mounted.

NJ Transit president Steven Santoro in a statement said the agency "deeply apologized" to the passengers on board #3850 and everyone impacted by the incident at Penn Station.

Megan wrote that "once we got out of Penn Station, there was a stampede from the opposite direction, screaming 'shooter!'"

What began as long delays at Pennsylvania Station in NY turned into a nightmare on Friday after a false report of shots fired caused a stampede. People screamed and ran, leaving the station strewn with abandoned bags. Shoppers fled for the exits in nearby Macy's after rumors of a shooter spread there. "The employees were so awesome, they just had us hid there until it was safe to come out".

"I honestly I don't know what happened".

"There is literally there is no room to stand, and I'm so hot I can't even talk on the phone." a woman grumbled into her phone.

Photos and videos posted on social media showed hundreds of people dropping their belongings and running out of the train station.

Around 1,200 passengers were trapped in the tunnel from around 4 6 p.m. They have since been safely transported to the station. Sixteen people were injured in the panic. Riders were seeing delays of about two hours due to the disabled train. Somebody tried to jump off the train.

"It's such an obvious problem, and there is no real effort to solve it", said Ryan Beppel, 29, a musician from Brooklyn who was trying to get to New Jersey.

"There was no rescue protocol", fellow passenger Carlos Barrezueta said.

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