Angered Tamil Nadu Farmers Run Naked Near PM Modi's Office

Tamil farmers during their protest demanding loan waiver and compensation for crop failure at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi

Angered Tamil Nadu Farmers Run Naked Near PM Modi's Office

The farmers have been protesting for the past 28 days at Jantar Mantar in the national Capital. When they were being escorted out of the PMO building in a police vehicle, one of the farmers jumped out of the van and stripped on the road.

"A decade long drought in the state of Tamil Nadu, failure of crops and undue pressure from cooperative banks and nationalised bands to repay farm debts have forced few hundreds of farmers to commit suicide in a span of six months", the group said in a press release. They have also been demanding drought relief package of Rs. 40,000 crores from the Centre since March 14.

The stir has gained a lot of attention as they are protesting with skulls said to belong to those farmers who had ended their lives. Some of the farmers even rolled on the road naked as the police dragged them away.

In times when traditional rallies are failing to make an impact as dissent, agitators around the world have taken to protesting with their clothes off as a way to get their voices heard.

Two other protestors joined him and started running naked in South Block.

On Friday, five Tamil Nadu farmers, including a woman, cut their hands, saying the Union government should wake up to their plight at least now. "We provide good food for people all over India, now the Centre has allowed the farmers of TN to mingle the food with mud", P Ayyakannu, leader of the protests, told "We have this from reliable sources", he said, clearly anxious that the long haul is not going to yeild results for the troubled farmers.

"We wake up every day and decide on a method to protest".

He said one of representatives of government should meet and talk to them to convince them to end their agitation. That is because, unlike other states, the Tamil Nadu government is not ready to pick up the tab such loan waiver entails. The state is expected to face drought this year too.

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