Anne Hathaway speaks out about the time everyone hated her

"It comes up in every interview I do, just about", she says.

SUDEIKIS: Gosh, it may have been as deep into it for me, when it became different, different... "You gotta go with the group". Happy to see her back in his world, he provides her with some furniture and a job at his seemingly rundown - but actually kickass - bar. Vigalondo gets a lot done, and with only six main actors and three or four chief locations, making a film filled with ideas, a wide emotional palette and peak work from not only Hathaway but also Sudeikis.

The ad campaign is focused on the monster attacks, but there's a lot of character things that are completely under zip until release, which is kind of rare.

But such is the serendipitous journey of Colossal, a shrewdly ambitious genre mash-up that quickly got its first casting choices in an ensemble that also includes Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, and Tim Blake Nelson. "But I was having a hard time connecting with the movies that I was being sent for various reasons". It's here that "Colossal" reveals it's a monster movie that has more in common with an Ingmar Bergman mega-drama, in which the emotional violence characters do to each other is nearly as harrowing as what kaiju-Gloria does to Seoul. "How other people treat me has nothing to do with me".

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"I would just be reading about something totally unrelated to me and [see] a headline about me and how much your site dislikes me or whoever was writing it dislikes me would come up". Instagram, when I first started, it was so much fun.

"To me alcoholism is a really serious word and I never use that in the film", he demurs. Much of the issue lies in Oscar's characterization in the first half, as he's a nice, unassuming dude whom anyone would want to grab a beer with - typical fare for Sudeikis. With tornado watches being a thing that happened all the time, you're like, oh no, here we go!

"The script that you see on the screen is the script that we shared". Austin Stowell also appears as one of the few to learn about Gloria's connection to the monster, but he is curiously underdeveloped. "It didn't take on the same tension I've felt doing love scenes".

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