Ben Carson gets stuck in elevator in Miami

Ben Carson Freed From Elevator, Meets Miami Heat Legend Alonzo Mourning (VIDEO)

Ben Carson Got Stuck In a Miami Elevator Because Of Course He Did

Mourning's non-profit helped fund the $22.8 million Courtside Apartment complex, which opened in 2016, reports the Miami Herald, and he also helped form the Overtown Youth Center in 2003.

U.S. housing secretary Ben Carson found himself in a claustrophobic predicament-and stuck inside a metaphor come to life-as he became trapped in an elevator during an April 12 visit to a Florida public housing complex, the Miami Herald reports.

Carson planned to meet former Miami Heat and National Basketball Association star Alonzo Mourning, who's behind the affordable housing project at 1699 NW Fourth Ave. Probably not - but it sure makes for one hell of a story.

The housing and urban development secretary is expected to face tough questioning during his two-day trip to Miami from local government officials, developers and providers of affordable accommodation over Donald Trump's plans to slash federal housing funds. Last month, the politician came under fire for insinuating that slaves were immigrants who wanted a better life.

The conservative radio host opened the segment by noting that Carson "didn't really want to go into the government" before asking why he eventually "accepted the call?"

The tour allows Carson to hear public housing concerns directly from residents and supporting organizations. Mourning was about 15 minutes late, so Miami-Dade County's public housing director started without him.

Mourning is behind the development of the affordable housing project at 1699 NW Fourth Ave. that opened previous year.

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