Bentley not personally involved in resign talks

Bentley not personally involved in resign talks

Bentley not personally involved in resign talks

Embattled Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley was booked into the Montgomery County Jail Monday on charges related to impeachment proceedings against him, and he has scheduled an announcement at 6 p.m.

This story corrects an earlier version that said two of Bentley's predecessors went to prison. In addition, he must forfeit all the money in his campaign account - which is in excess of $36,000 - to the state.

Lt. Governor Kay Ivey, 72, has taken office as Alabama's 54th governor and the second female governor in the state's history. He will also agree not to run for or hold political office again.

At one point, according to the investigative report, the governor sent the head of his security detail to fetch the recording from his son, Paul Bentley, who responded: "You ain't getting it".

It seems like Bentley was doing all the shady shit you'd expect out of a rich, scandal-embroiled Alabama governor like himself. The confrontation happened in the kitchen of the governor's mansion, she said.

Bentley's last words as governor were: "So, thank you".

In a report released on Friday, a special counsel to the Judiciary Committee in the Alabama House of Representatives said Mr. Bentley had "encouraged an atmosphere of intimidation" and demanded that state officials help him cover up an "inappropriate relationship".

The report also included revelations that Bentley routinely called Mason "baby" in meetings, that Mason sometimes spent the night in the pool house at the Governor's Mansion, and about how the governor on a trip once opened a door while wearing only boxer shorts thinking that she was there only to be confronted by hotel staffers.

Alabama lawmakers are starting hearings that could lead to the impeachment of Republican Gov. Robert Bentley. She was able to read text messages that her husband sent to Mason because they also appeared on his state-issued iPad, which she had possession of.

The alleged text was accompanied by a red rose emoji, according to the report.

Brian Lyman, a state government reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser, was skeptical that Bentley's problems - however high-profile - would impact the Republican death grip on the state's politics.

"I want you to know, I love our people with all my heart". "I am truly sorry and I accept full responsibility".

It's become a staple of the Republican Party - do as I say, not as I do, especially when it comes to sexual behavior. "I can assure the people of Alabama I have never done anything illegal".

I humbly ask for your prayers and your support, especially over the coming days and weeks.

Bentley had repeatedly vowed to continue in office in recent weeks and months.

Yes, that's Robert Bentley calling his wife by his mistress's name. Oof. While he admitted he had made mistakes, he said he had no plans to resign.

Brooks said the Bentley portion of the investigation is over, but that there may be more work to be done on others involved such as Mason.

"We now sit ready to hear the evidence that has been gathered and to allow the governor to confront that evidence", Chairman Mike Jones said at the opening of the hearing.

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