Canadian troops operate in east Mosul as mission extended

The US led anti-Islamic State coalition said it was unable to confirm the report. Since coalition strikes began in August, 2014, the Pentagon concluded 229 civilians have been killed.

The civilian deaths bring concern to those that worry ISIS will use them as anti-American propaganda.

Russian Federation criticized the United States on Sunday for what it said were "absurd statements" justifying the American-led coalition's possible role in more than 100 civilian deaths in Mosul last month.

Human rights and humanitarian aid groups estimate that hundreds of civilians have been killed or wounded in the more than 19,300 airstrikes and ground artillery attacks launched by the US and its allies since August 2014.

The Trump administration has stopped disclosing significant information about United States military involvement in Iraq and Syria, in a marked departure from Obama-era foreign policy.

In western Mosul, hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped, and airstrikes are an essential part of the operation. However, this technological supremacy didn't prevent collateral damage from taking place, as what happened in Mosul where up to 250 civilians were killed in an airstrike on March 17 that was purportedly launched by the U.S. Army.

A spokesman for the US-led coalition against ISIL could not immediately be reached for comment.

London-based NGO Airwars, which monitors civilian casualties of global air strikes, said victims of coalition bombs in Iraq and Syria increased in March to a level comparable with "some of the worst periods of Russian activity in Syria".

Scrocca said the coalition had observed the new ISIS tactic on video surveillance, but USA officials have not released the footage.

The assessment found.24 percent of the total number of strikes resulted in confirmed deaths of civilians. Iraqi intelligence has previously claimed Iyad al-Obaidi, also known as Fadel Haifa, is considered the deputy leader.

The Trump administration has ceased disclosing to the public when USA troops are deployed on the ground in Iraq and Syria, according to the Los Angeles Times.

There are reports that the big boss Baghdadi has been wounded and is recuperating in the vicinity of the Iraqi-Syrian border, but these remain unverified.

The commander of the US-led forces admitted this week that they "probably had a role" in casualties caused by an explosion on March 17, which local sources said left dozens of non-combatants dead.

The coalition's count is far less than human rights groups' estimates.

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