Corbyn welcomes Theresa May's call for general election

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May walks back into her official residence of 10 Downing Street in London, after speaking to the media on Tuesday April 18, 2017.

After last year's historic vote to leave the European Union, it was clear that there would always be those who wished the referendum had turned out differently. She said a "hard Brexit" must be rejected. But, with opinion polls now showing a double-digit Conservative lead, Cebr warned that potential gains from having a Tory government with a large majority could be undermined if the party's moderate stance on immigration gives way to more stringent controls. The same politician who would have had Scotland leave the economic security of the United Kingdom shortly before the price of oil tanked (a problem when it's your country's most important export) had described the first independence referendum as a "once in a generation vote" before changing her mind.

The European Union has said negotiations for the UK's exit will go ahead as planned despite the snap election announcement. Unlike her predecessor David Cameron, Ms. Although the calling of the General Election is being seen as a means to neutralize the so-called "Bremoaners", it may also be an opportunity to neutralize the Brexit "Ultras", who seek a clean Brexit whatever the economic cost to the UK.

Labour's Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth have confirmed they will stand to defend their seats as the starting gun was sacked on the next General Election.

Britain joins a list of Western European countries scheduled to hold elections this year.

She said Brexit only highlighted deeper ideological differences between the anti-globalisation, pro-Brexit working class bloc and the pro-EU, pro-immigration urban voters.

Opposition politicians will have a multitude of legislative subsistence to utilise and exploit in order to make the Government's agenda look shambolic for no reason other than to convince the public that Brexit is wrong and that they know better. "That hasn't really worked in parliament and I'm not sure it will work in the country", she said.

That is highly likely to happen on Wednesday.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed plans for the early general election as a "chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first".

The so-called Labour "opposition" is a shambles under Jeremy Corbyn, who could not even bring himself to talk about Brexit on Tuesday. He said Labour would fight the election promising a fairer society and economy, and "a Brexit that works for all". Every opinion poll points to a historically poor result for Labour, with the party facing the prospect of losing dozens of seats. She added that the decision made by the country's prime minister was "a huge political miscalculation". Mr Corbyn has said "if these election is about leadership, she [Theresa May] should not be dodging TV debates".

The Scottish National Party now holds 54 of Scotland's 59 seats in the British Parliament, making it the third-largest party there.

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