Cortana Can Now Help Set Up A New PC With Voice Commands

Windows 10 Creators Update also gets new features related to gaming such as Game Mode and Built-in Broadcasting.

Microsoft notes that once you select OK on the Thank You screen, preparations for the Creators Update Download will occur in the background based on your Windows Update Settings, and a notification will appear when the download is complete. We'll also cover some of the big new features that will make gamers and VR enthusiasts happy.

According to The New York Times, to download the new version, users can utilize the Microsoft's Windows 10 update assistant software.

When an update to an operating system arrives, I like to take a poke around in the settings to see if anything special has been added. That's when the installation file will hit Windows Update and be offered to a select group of users.

On the other hand, the Media Creation Tool allows users to perform a clean install of the entire OS.

With no further ado, to start downloading Windows 10 Creators Update, simply navigate towards the Windows 10 Update Assistant on Check and install the latest updates. The privacy controls of the update encourage users to share their location and provide full diagnostic data to Microsoft to fix issues and improve future iterations of Windows 10.

Game Mode is created to improve performance of gaming applications and can make big improvements on lower-end systems, according to a PCWorld report.

The Game Mode feature aims to help improve "overall gaming performance and consistency by optimizing system resources more efficiently" for games. It has the Paint 3D app which is a gami9ng interface. With the new program, you can zoom in and out, place objects at different depths, and adjust size, color and transparency. And yet, more than 40 percent of Windows users are still on Windows 7.

The Creator's Update also comes with a ton of smaller tweaks and updates. You can read about the other new additions here. Just type "Disk Cleanup" into the Start menu universal search, and click on the top result. Windows Defender gets an upgrade with the introduction of the Windows Defender Security Center.

Microsoft's guidance is for users to wait until Creators Update is automatically made available to them.

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