Facebook Messenger now supports group payments between friends

Like Venmo, sending payments in Facebook Messenger is free, however Venmo only offers group payments in beta at the moment.

Instead, according to Recode, Messenger will generate revenue through advertising, and not by taking a cut of profits from money exchanged via the platform. This is where the other, lesser-used features like games, location-sharing, ride requests, and more are tucked away in a new, scrollable user interface that arrived alongside Facebook's debut of its Messenger assistant, M, earlier this month.

"Advertising is great. It's a fantastic business", Marcus said. "If you do that, then the value of that conversation for the business increases". You can also enter a total amount that will be divided evenly among the group for paying bills.

Facebook now allows you to send and receive money through Facebook Messenger in group chats on Androids and desktops, the company announced Tuesday. Name the reason you're asking your friends for virtual cash, and finally, tap Request.

Facebook has made it simple to track the payments as a message will pop up in the group showing who has paid. At any point you can look at the request in a full-screen view to see all the details.

If you want to know how to send money to group of people using this new feature. You'll have the option to write a description of what the payment is for, then tap Pay or Request.

The feature is rolling out to the United States only for now - no word on when it may come to other regions. Facebook also claims that users' debit card information is safe and they don't need to remember a password for it. Furthermore, the use of this feature is free. Instead, the goal was to simply make Messenger itself more useful, and therefore, more competitive with rivals, it had indicated.

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