Five major banks now offer Android Pay integration inside their mobile apps

Mobile apps of banks such as USAA, Bank of New Zealand, Discover, mBank, and Bank of America will make this feature available in them.

Android Pay partners with major banks to let users add their cards to the payment app. This is useful for those who have Android Pay accounts but whose phones aren't supported yet.

You won't need to have Android Pay downloaded on your device to use Android Pay.

Boosting Android Pay adoption is essential as Google is competing against Apple Pay, which so far has proved to be more popular. Android Pay doesn't seem to be losing Google's interest lately and a new announcement shows banks are giving it more attention too.

Mobile payments, which have been discussed for years, have been slow to take off.

Android Pay is continuing to pick up steam, but instead of adding new banks, Google has another trick up its sleeve. But after failing to gain much traction with it, Google introduced Android Pay in 2015.

After the card has been added within the bank's app, Android Pay works as usual.

In addition, select mobile banking apps will provide access to the capabilities of Android Pay - even if the users doesn't have the Android Pay app installed.

Although Google has been in the mobile payment space longer than many of its current rivals the company trails behind Apple mobile wallet ownership and consumer preference, according to a report from First Annapolis Consulting. Samsung Pay and Android Pay are also growing, but are only expected to reach 34 million and 24 million, respectively, during that same time frame. About 6 percent use it at least weekly.

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