Flynn made $1.3 million for lobbying, speeches, other work

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn White House national security adviser-designate center stands in an elevator at Trump Tower in New York U.S. on Thursday Jan. 12 2017. Donald Trump is slated to meet with AT&T Inc.'s top executives on Thursd

Flynn made $1.3 million for lobbying, speeches, other work

Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has offered to testify before congressional committees probing potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation but wants protection against "unfair prosecution", his lawyer said on Thursday. The president applauded Flynn in a Friday morning tweet and described the investigations as a witch hunt by Democrats and the media to obscure or diminish his victory in the election. "When the White House contacted him this week and asked him to complete the process he did so", Mr Kelner said. John McCain (R-AZ) said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) "killed" any hope of a bipartisan cooperation on his committee's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The woman is believed to have had connection with a spy agency from Russian Federation.

Mr Trump and his senior aides spent much of the day on the defensive, parrying the latest reports that senior administration officials may have improperly interfered with the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into Moscow's meddling in the United States elections and possible links between Mr Trump's campaign and Russian officials. The aide was not authorized to discuss private conversations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

It was unclear from Trump's tweet whether he was advising the Justice Department or the congressional panels to give his former adviser immunity. Once again on Friday, the president came to Flynn's defense as the investigation deepens.

Mr Flynn was sacked in February after misleading the White House about his conversations with a Russian envoy.

SALTZBURG: We're watching for something that is often very hard to find, and that is a signal from the Department of Justice and the FBI as part of it that they are done with their investigation of General Flynn. He's President Trump's former national security adviser and he says he'll talk but with a catch. The retired general, who was forced to resign after only 24 days, is under scrutiny for his contacts with Russian officials in a wider investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. A second source said the committee communicated that it is "not receptive" to Flynn's request "at this time". If he were on the verge of ratting out Trump officials, wouldn't they be more eager to hear what he has to say?

It's worth noting, based on this information, that the Trump administration is exceptionally uninformed about the ties between its members and adversarial powers, considering that a number of its members are embroiled in similar Russia-tied scandals.

Q: If Congress chooses to grant immunity, what impact might that have on any criminal investigation?

"The White House has yet to explain why senior White House staff apparently shared these materials with but one member of either committee, only for their contents to be briefed back to the White House", Schiff said, after finally being allowed to view the materials more than a week after they were apparently shown to Nunes. Kelner said the FBI compensation was for a speaking event in 2015 and training Flynn provided to the bureau. "The discussions did not include immunity or other possible conditions for his appearance".

The newly released financial disclosure forms list the assets the Trump aides held when they walked in the doors of the White House in January - before administration counsel advised them to resign from various postings, divest certain holdings or recuse themselves from future decisions. They would like him to be given immunity now because if that happens, it would virtually make it impossible to prosecute him for anything, no matter what is discovered, as the investigation continues because it's very hard to show once you've given somebody immunity that the evidence you gather supposedly independently is really independent. But the fact is that these committees, especially intelligence committees and armed services committees, we work closely together as Republicans and Democrats.

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