Geraldo Rivera Responds To Kendrick Lamar's Lyrics On "DAMN".

Producer KAYTRANADA to Lend Auto Tune Vocals On Kendrick Lamar’s New Album DAMN. Karlie Powell

Producer KAYTRANADA to Lend Auto Tune Vocals On Kendrick Lamar’s New Album DAMN. Karlie Powell

Then he goes on to reiterate his stances of Kendrick's 2015 performance being irresponsible and attempting to blame Hip-Hop for the struggles in Black America, again. An prime example is today, on social media outlets such as Instagram, Bron Bron played snippets of Kendrick Lamar's latest project called "DAMN". "But what if I told you... that's not the official version", he wrote on Twitter. Reddit users have created an Easter theory that K. Dot has a second album coming later this weekend on Easter Sunday.

Lamar's death comes on the first "Damn" track "Blood", which concludes with a gunshot that seems to end Lamar's life.

He followed it up with a photo of "The Matrix" character Morpheus, who offers the film's protagonist, Neo, the choice of a red pill, which provides knowledge or a blue pill, which gives falsehood and security. Also, "my next album, the whole industry on an ice pack... with TOC, you see the flames".

Arriving after 2015's highly acclaimed To Pimp A Butterfly and last year's untitled unmastered - and just a few weeks after he shared the video for 'HUMBLE.' - DAMN is light on guest appearances although it does feature Rihanna and um, U2 and Zacari.

The album was released on Good Friday; paired with the artist's deep Christian beliefs plus the line from his track "The Heart Part 4" ("dropped one classic, came right back") have been taken to suggest a follow-up could arrive on Easter Sunday.

Conclusively, the theory states the track list acronym also spells out another cryptic message: DEATH 2 THE LEADER. The Compton emcee rolled out his fourth studio album, Damn. And the conspiracy theory is pretty wild. Are we gonna live, or die?' Is Kendrick saying that we can decided which album we want to believe?

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