Giraffe born in front of park-goers at Memphis Zoo

On Monday, they are one of the hottest pages on Facebook, growing almost 3,000 percent.

Dean also said that towards the end of a pregnancy, the calf doesn't move much.

For those who can't spend endless hours staring at their computer screens, the park is offering up text alerts to anxious animal lovers. We, like many of you, sat up in bed or were inches from our screens a few times last night. Giraffes might also require a restraint device (GRD) to keep them still during tests like ultrasounds.

April's udder changes have been significant in recent days, and keepers say udder development "occurs, generally, just prior to birthing".

It's been more than a month since the park shared the news of April's impending birth with the world, via social media. On a daily basis there's roughly 175,000 to 240,000 viewers watching April at any given time. The camera was back up soon after.

Animal Adventure Park began streaming on February 23 on YouTube showing April preparing to give birth, drawing worldwide attraction. She has been pregnant through nearly the entire election cycle.

But she said that because April has had three calves already she might go later than she would if this were her first calf. Zoo officials are expecting the calf to have a weight of 150 pounds and a height of 6 feet, which will be up and walking in about an hour.

In videos posted on the park's Facebook page this week, Patch has said that he's been busy tending to his 200-plus other animals and that the flood of emails has become "so overbearing" that he's asking people to stop sending them.

Temperatures at the Adventure Park warmed enough to let the giraffes go outside. She was very "with it" but then became very distracted and as Corey put it, "would have walked right through me". As I write this, 216,289 people are tuned into the live cam.

The feed was earlier removed by YouTube after it was labeled sexually explicit.

To be raised by the mom for six to 10 months, the separation will come after that period and the little giraffe will be shifted to another facility for a breeding program. Patch blamed "a handful of extremists and animal rights activists" for the interruption.

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