'Going in Style' review: an old-guy-heist movie worth treasuring

While Freeman and Arkin are a bit more sarcastic and smart ass in their answers, Caine is particularly amusing as he goes into rambling old man answers when it comes his turn. As the film opens, Caine's character, Joe, is battling with his NY bank, which has recently tripled his mortgage payment due to a teaser-rate loophole. Rather than accepting his fate, and inspired after being caught in a bank robbery a few weeks earlier, Michael Caine's Joe encourages Willie (Freeman), and Albert (Arkin) to help him steal their pensions back from the bank that is holding their pension funds, and they soon set out to hatch their fiendish but morally right crusade. None of the three principals are stretching their wings too much here, content to stick to their usual tricks: British stoicism for Caine, twinkle-eyed mischief for Freeman and generalized aggravation for Arkin.

Going In Style is released in United Kingdom cinemas on April 7.

The film is an unusual one for Zach Braff, whose first two pictures - the great "Garden State", and less certain "Wish I Was Here" - were looser, clearly more personal projects, unwilling to shoehorn in all the requisite Hollywood "moments" a writer like Melfi naturally resorts to.

Written by Ted Melfi, the filmmaker behind the wildly successful "Hidden Figures", this iteration of "Going in Style" still revolves around three elderly men who pull a bank heist in an attempt, not only to bring in some money, but also to stave off the bitter edge of old age.

"Going in Style" (PG-13)Warner Bros.

Question: You've done a number of films that have been dubbed "geriatric buddy comedies" including 2013's "Last Vegas".

Ann-Margret stars as Annie in "Going in Style". I've worked with plenty of actors who aren't even names you'd know, and they're like, so serious and arrogant sometimes as actors can be. It also sends the message that inept crime indeed does pay and even if you're grumpy, old and cantankerous but also cute and endearing and are fighting The Man, you'll be able to escape and slide. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important. So working with them, you're with consummate professionals, and it makes a difference.

Remember how many movies you've loved with such actors?

He is nowhere to be seen in "Going in Style", clearly putting his focus on making an effective studio comedy and letting his stars shine. She is as game as any person I have ever known.

But it turned out Caine was a "horrible" matchmaker and Zach's first meeting with Nicole was bad and awkward. But the 1979 film was both more casual and much darker about the realities and infirmities of old age, and it had one of George Burns's better performances.

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