Goodbye, 'Girls': How the Finale Took On the Groundbreaking Show's Legacy

Goodbye, 'Girls': How the Finale Took On the Groundbreaking Show's Legacy

Goodbye, 'Girls': How the Finale Took On the Groundbreaking Show's Legacy

That episode took place nearly entirely in Joshua's brownstone, a two-hander between Dunham and Wilson, and it was such a different environment from the space-saving starter apartments of Hannah and her friends, it felt a world apart from the rest of the show. I reviewed the finale here, and I got to speak with Lena Dunham and her co-showrunner Jenni Konner about the conclusion, why bathrooms were such an important part of the show, why everyone but them hates Marnie, and a lot more, coming up just as soon as I keep a room like in the movie Room...

Hannah realizes she needs a break, so she leaves the house in a very Hannah way.

After an unhelpful doctor's appointment, Hannah lamented, "What if there's a student I want to f-k?"

When viewers stumble upon Girls five or ten or twenty years from now, they'll be watching a different show than the one that ended its six-season run last night with a rather unceremonious episode called "Latching". While the show's penultimate episode, "Goodbye Tour", certainly would have done the job - it bid farewell to our central cast of characters - the use of "Latching" as a conclusion, while initially seemingly unnecessary, evidently delivered the ending to a story the show had been telling us all along. Loreen walked in, later asking Marnie about her "beating off". Dunham has always an acute eye for capturing character types - from Adam, a character so gruff and consistently shirtless you could practically smell him in the early seasons, to Shoshana, the fast talking, crazily dressed girl approaching NY like an excitable tourist. "Your desire to be part of this is starting to feel really perverse", Hannah tells Marnie while Marnie reads her breast-feeding tips. Fed up with her daughter's self-pity and immaturity in the face of this new responsibility, Hannah's mom eventually explodes: "You know who else is in emotional pain?"

"When the show first started it was all very confusing and intoxicating and I was trying to take it all in", she said. "I quit the show.'" In an episode of Dunham's Women of the Hour podcast, Kirke explained that as Girls went into its second season, she had become uncomfortable with the portrayal of her character.

When Hannah's mother Loreen shows up, she provides a stunning wake-up call and a whiplash-inducing side-by-side comparison.

Marnie swoops in, like she so often does, with a grand master plan that can't possibly go wrong. No, she didn't apologize to her mother or Marnie, who was there helping her, but she was back on track. Hannah has been a character who has grown in some ways and has remained self involved in others. The concerns of characters like Elijah, Ray, or Loreen and Tad, Hannah's parents, were explored more closely as the seasons progressed in a way that reflects how one's world view widens slowly - very slowly if you're Hannah or Marnie - when a young adult transitions into an actual adult. Marnie was also previously living in her mother's home gym and her band had broken up, which could have also been additional motives for the sudden move. As they talk more, Hannah learns the girl is upset with her mom for making her do her homework before seeing her boyfriend Justin.

"I don't know how to put this into words!"

Hannah gets home and picks up Grover, who's crying. She also has said she wants to be a filmmaker. "I'm doing my best, I'm reading all the books, but honestly, it's too much - and you're not even acting that mature".

Proving her friendship is about tenacity: like a pup competing with her littermates, she's determined to win by being the last to let go. Hannah headed in to tend to him, and the lights went down as Hannah finally breastfed her son. But Loreen, who knows what it's like to give your all to somebody who has another agenda, tells her prioritizing her own happiness could be the best thing for her and Hannah's friendship. Hannah responds like a child: lashing out and blaming her mother's marriage for turning Hannah into such a mess. She even gives her the jeans off her body.

Hannah was then shown struggling to breastfeed her baby. We've seen close-ups of Hannah's expressions before, but here she emotes pure joy. The episode is odd because Hannah's world has become something she doesn't recognize, but life works like that sometimes. Hannah wants her trousers back.

Despite Hannah and her mom's rocky beginning in the pilot episode, Hannah's mom offers encouraging advice. This all began with her, as well, sitting across Hannah at a dinner in some NY restaurant and informing her that the purse strings were about to be finally severed.

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