Google Home looks set to introduce multiple users

Google recently welcomed new third-party vendors to serve as partners for its smart home gadget, and it might be on the verge of pushing Amazon Echo to the side with some new features in Google Home 2.0.

Alexa allows multiple users within one household.

According to the guys over at Ausdroid, multiple user support is on its way to Google Home, you can see what Google has to say below. The ability to add multiple accounts is a great step toward turning it into a versatile device that can handle all of our family's needs. Now, Google wants to get the edge and add one feature that everyone's been asking for: support for multiple users. There's also the fact that several Amazon accounts can be used on one Echo device. Following the latest update, the Google Assistant is now saving any items you tell it to put on a list to Google Express, e.g. telling the companion "add bottled water to my list" would add that item to your Google Express list. Unfortunately, however, although Google is already touting the new feature, it doesn't appear to be live quite yet. This means it could instantly access your Google related data such as your schedules, emails, playlists and many others. You can access music, audiobooks and also lets users share to-do lists and calendars with each other.

Both Amazon and Google are looking into how to make their smart speakers even smarter and more functional than they are now. It's nothing that can not be fixed by changing some privacy settings.

We saw list-creating functionality launch in Google Express earlier this year, so this feature isn't entirely unexpected.

The function to support multiple users isn't active, so it seems that the update, picked up on by Android Police, may have been a little premature.

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