Israeli attack on Syria military camp kills three

Israel targets Syria positions after Golan mortar fire

Israel targets Syria positions after Golan mortar fire

Golan Heights road sign points to terror.

Israel had repeatedly declared it would not intervene in the internal fighting in Syria but is widely believed to carry out airstrikes at weapon shipments and have been providing medical treatment to hundreds of wounded Syrians who reached the border.

An Al Jazeera correspondent said Sunday's attacks targeted fighters loyal to the Syrian government in the Naba al-Fawwar area of Quneitra province, which is located in the 30 percent of the Golan Heights that is not under Israeli occupation. The mortar, which fell in Israeli territory due to the ongoing civil war in Syria did not cause any damage or injuries.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that Israeli warplanes targeted sites and vehicles belonging to the Assad regime forces in the vicinity of Al-Baath city, Khan Arnaba town and the Eastern Samadanya village, which destroyed and damaged vehicles.

It was not clear whether the assault was an airstrike or shelling. Another Arab in the area threw a firebomb at Israeli security forces. Israeli forces struck a Hezbollah convoy March 19, also in Quneitra. The Syrian air defense launched several anti-aircraft rockets in response. The Syrian regime, for its part, said its air defenses had downed one of the Israeli jets that entered its airspace.

Israel's target in the mid-March attack was Hezbollah.

Israel's army declined to comment Sunday on the attack. Most likely, Russian Federation will do nothing consequential as long as Israel doesn't seek to alter the course of the civil war.

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