Knicks willing to move Carmelo Anthony elsewhere

Knicks willing to move Carmelo Anthony elsewhere

Knicks willing to move Carmelo Anthony elsewhere

Somewhere almost lost in the 49 minute mea culpa that quickly deteriorated into "Melo culpa," passive aggressively pinning all of the team's troubles on Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson detailed his own job description.

Jackson maintains that the Knicks want a significant player in return for Anthony if the franchise does decide to move on from its superstar. According to Bleacher Report, just minutes after Jackson's conference ended, Anthony posted a photo. Jackson also said Anthony took offense to his assertion that Anthony holds on to the ball too often in a December interview with CBS Sports Network.

The Knicks tried to trade the forward this past season, with the most serious talks reportedly involving the Cavaliers, Clippers and Celtics.

"It would have to be a decision I really sit down and think about and figure it out", Anthony said. "It's all on me at this point".

Anthony, who turns 32 in May, is set to make more than $26 million next season, after which he could opt out of his contract if he'd like.

Nurkic, traded to Portland on February 12 from the Denver Nuggets, was averaging 15.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and 1.9 blocks in 20 games with the Blazers. The Knicks have little leverage, and Anthony - who shouldn't feel any obligation to appease Jackson - can sabotage negotiations because of the no-trade clause. He was granted the right to veto any trade, which few players have, when he re-signed. Still, Jackson hopes Anthony cares enough about his legacy to want to get the heck out of here.

Bleacher's Ding nearly rings the bell, but I learned you don't change the spot on a leopard with Michael Graham in my CBA daze.

The 2017 National Basketball Association off-season just started for the New York Knicks and it is already a disaster.

It appears that Jackson meant good with his statement but Anthony might have understood it differently.

"If somebody was talking bad about you indirectly at your job, what would you do?"

The countdown to Carmelo Anthony's eventual exit from the Knicks went into overdrive on Friday. This is not something you want to have labeled on your career.

"I think every person in our organization has to ask what can we do different to change what has happened here over the last 13 years?" "I'm concerned because I know our task is going to be a little bit more hard next year".

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