More advertisers say they have ditched Fox's O'Reilly show

More advertisers say they have ditched Fox's O'Reilly show

More advertisers say they have ditched Fox's O'Reilly show

This fallout stems from the NYT story in which the publication claims $13 million has been paid to women through the years as basically hush money, either from Fox News or O'Reilly directly.

Advertisers are beginning to pull their commercials from Fox News star Bill O'Reilly's flagship broadcast as allegations of sexual harassment continue to grow.

"In light of the disturbing allegations, we instructed our media buyer this morning to reallocate our ad dollars to other shows effective immediately", Untuckit co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Aaron Sanandres told Reuters in an email.

Over the course of Bill O'Reilly's career with Fox News, there have been numerous allegations of inappropriate behavior toward women.

Despite the fallout, dozens of national advertisers still ran spots on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Tuesday night.

In a statement, Fox News said that advertisers who pulled their ads would be directed to the network's other programs.

But if O'Reilly, 67, can not survive the cascading tide of advertiser defections, the negative impact on Fox News Channel's ratings - highest in all of cable TV - would be significant.

O'Reilly has not directly responded to the substance of Walsh's depiction of this episode but issued a more general statement saying no women had filed complaints through the network's human resources department. How many women must come forward before Fox News complies with the law and respects women, ' asked Bloom in a press release over the weekend.

"The O'Reilly Factor" is Fox News' most watched program and is coming off the highest-rated first quarter in its history, averaging 4 million viewers, according to Nielsen. The tactic is commonly used by advertisers who want to avoid negative publicity associated with a particular program, but in fact like the results they get from advertising on the network that shows it.

Meanwhile, an attorney for a former guest on his show is calling for an independent investigation of sexual harassment allegations against him. The women either worked or appeared on The O'Reilly Factor. According to the Times, Fox News's parent company was aware of the sexual harassment suits and settlements and "structured [O'Reilly's new] deal to include more leverage over his behavior".

O'Reilly is Fox News' top revenue producer: What next? Several automakers among them Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and BMW are just a few of the defectors who have vowed to re-assign their advertisements.

An investigation published by The New York Times on Saturday reported that five women received settlements from Fox News totaling some $13 million after making misconduct accusations against top-rated host Bill O'Reilly.

"The worst part of my job is being a target for those who would harm me and my employer, the Fox News Channel".

Through his lawyer, Susan Estrich, Ailes denies all the allegations made against him, including the newest, this week, by paid Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky.

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