New survey ranks Christie as America's most unpopular governor

Gov. Charlie Baker is back on top after recent polls named him the most popular governor in the country

Gov. Charlie Baker is back on top after recent polls named him the most popular governor in the country

The New Jersey Republican is officially the least popular governor in the entire US, a poll released Tuesday showed.

Two of the three most unpopular governors went to Republican governor Sam Brownback of Kansas at 27 percent approval and Republican governor Chris Christie of New Jersey at a lousy 25 percent.

But the GOP also dominates the low end of the poll, with eight of the 10 least popular governors being Republicans, including Alabama's Robert Bentley, who resigned from office Monday rather than risk removal from office from legislators pursuing impeachment charges.

The nation's most popular governor was Republican Charlie Baker of MA, with a 75% approval rating.

Republicans appear to be quite popular throughout the nation's state capitals, as no Democrat came in among the top 10 most popular governors by approval rating.

Sen. Bob Menendez received just a 40 percent approval rating, putting him in 97th place among his colleagues.

Fifty-six percent of respondents in the survey approved of Warren's job performance, while 38 percent disapproved of it.

The poll found that some 71 percent of Garden State voters disapproved of the job Christie is doing. Closely behind Baker is Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

"Both governors have reputations as shrewd, bipartisan dealmakers who value results over party purity, and their constituents seem to appreciate that style", the poll organizers wrote. His disapproval is down, to 66 percent from 70 percent, from our previous rankings. He had a 75 percent job approval rating. More than one in five Bay State voters in the survey said they did not know enough about Markey to have an opinion.

The numbers were compiled through surveys of more than 85,000 registered voters between January 2017 through March 2017. The poll had a margin of error of 2 percent.

The least popular senator in America is Kentucky's Mitch McConnell, who as majority leader controls the Senate's agenda.

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