Nintendo is working on an SNES Mini console

Nintendo is working on an SNES Mini console

Nintendo is working on an SNES Mini console

Last week, Nintendo discontinued it's mini NES Classic Edition in North America. It's time to put that in the past now and look forward to the SNES Mini.

It's clear then that Nintendo is treating these releases as special ones, rather than adding both the NES Mini and SNES Mini to its long-term production plans.

Nintendo is set to launch another retro refresh following the success of the NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini).

The NES Classic, released in November, quickly became hard-to-come-by, creating a resale market on sites like eBay that saw consoles sell for at least twice the retail price of £49.99.

Eurogamer reports that the new SNES would be similar to the wildly popular NES Classic Edition released previous year, a smaller version of the system that works with HDTVs with some of the most popular games pre-installed. It can also make sure that if NES Mini managed to exceed all expectations despite the slow production and choked supply, SNES Mini could improve upon those aspects and have an even easier - and lucrative - ride. Maybe next year we'll get an N64 Classic Edition with Goldeneye and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The NES Classic Edition is an adorably small console - so small it fits in your palm.

While few details outside of a possible release date window were given, the reported Mini SNES console should make gamers of all ages very excited. Clearly Nintendo was mistaken. The SNES refresh is expected to follow suit with the same structural form. The NES mini came with 30 titles.

The SNES Classic Mini is Nintendo's miniature version of its iconic 16-bit "Super Nintendo Entertainment System".

That discontinuation decision was made as a way to make way for the new Super Nintendo system, sources tell Eurogamer.

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