Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Can Be Fooled With A Photo

It's rather concerning if confirmed, so what does Samsung have to say about it then? The latest device was in the news these past months speculating the possible specs we could see in the new South Korean electronics company's smartphone.

However, the fate of Samsung's flagship foldable phone has not been set until a recent leak via twitter reveal some interesting new launch schedule. Those stories were quickly followed by reports that dismissed this possibility.

This particular rumor came from sources inside Apple's supply-chain in Asia which various tech media sites are reporting. The said phone will feature the diamond Pen-Tile subpixel arrangement that comes in a 5-in. display that can turn into either a 7 or 8-in. tablet.

What is rather interesting is the fact that the Galaxy S8+ nearly came with a dual camera setup at the back. Possibly - unless there's no Note coming later this year and Samsung still wanted to give fans of really big phones an option. In order to get Bixby to run on your older Samsung device, you first have to install the Galaxy S8 launcher and Bixby APK, long-press the Home button to open the launcher's settings, go to "Hello Bixby settings", and activate the companion.

Once the prototypes have no performance issues, the foldable phone may be released in limited supply in South Korea, U.K., Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Italy and the Nordic countries, Value Walk reported. However, Samsung might have their own world choosing what's best for their consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack after Apple started the trend to push wireless headphones.

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