Samsung targets the enterprise with Galaxy S8 and S8+

Technically, the galaxy S8+ can support 64 GB plus 256 GB storage, which gives consumers even more storage than what the 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus can offer. This is a charger that can lay flat, or stand up to work as a dock for your new smartphone.

Whether the variant will make it to United Kingdom or USA shores remains to be seen, but it was recently spotted traveling through China's FCC.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was officially revealed last week to glowing first impressions, and it's easy to see why. Despite the lack of physical home button on the device, the S8 and S8+ still feature fingerprint authentication.

The Galaxy S8 took a pretty big spill - the phone was still usable, but had a nasty, spiderweb-like crack across the entire screen and showed some nasty shattering around the edges. Nokia will also be releasing a new device that will hopefully bring them back to the limelight. However, this hasn't gotten any better over the past year or so. Interestingly, there's also fast charging, and the phone charges the battery fully in about 90 minutes, which is great. And although the phablet won't launch in four months or so, it is possible that the South Korean tech is targeting holiday season as the official released. Industry watchers said the change reflects the rising demand for premium smartphones in China, a major market for Samsung phones. The rear camera can record full-HD videos at 30fps. And you, are you rather Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 +?

While software is a subjective topic in most cases, I've found that Samsung's Touchwiz user interface is usually perceived negatively for its large amount of bloatware, unnecessary tweaks and generally unpleasant aesthetics. This particular variant gets 6GB RAM instead of 4GB RAM, and 128GB storage instead of 64GB.

On a related note, a developer recently managed to run Bixby unofficially on the Galaxy S7 running Android Nougat.

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